Thursday, May 15

Only bad news?

Why is it the only news that is ever reported involves dead immigrants, mass graves, SARS,the murder of an innocent girl, and Canada worrying about marijuana?

Also, why are the most popular shows, those which offer some sort of violence, betrayal, or chance of harm? Things like Survivor, Joe Millionaire, and Fear Factor, shows which offer a look at the darker side of humanity, shows based around greed. These are the pop culture icons at the moment. Why not something like Fluffy Factor? A show where instead of jumping from a helicopter into a vat of acid to retrieve a flag, you have to carefully climb down a step ladder suspended over a large pile of feathers? Or instead of lying in a vat of scorpions, it's a vat of kittens?

Maybe Michael Moore is right when he talks about the government trying to rule with fear.

If anyone notices any headlines that aren't full of death, scandal, or some sort of negativity, please forward it to me. I could use a bring me upper in the news.


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