Thursday, May 29


My big day is drawing near. Tomorrow is my last day working here in Ottawa. Monday I will be starting a new job in Oshawa. I will miss a few of the friends I've made in this office. I will also miss this city. There is nothing like being able to look out your window at work and see row upon row of trees. Although there is a parking lot and a highway before the trees, there are still many, many trees.

I'm looking forward to being with my family again, and working with my friends in the Oshawa office. If all goes right, I won't be there too long though, probably until the end of August. I've applied for a post graduate course at Durham College, for Computer Animation. I can't wait to begin. I've always been interested in art, and although I wasn't encouraged to get into the field by my parents, I seem to be leaning that way regardless. I have a diploma in Film Production, and now I'm going to go further and get a certificate in 3D Animation.

I am acquainted with a person who works at Core Graphics, he's worked on X-Men, Blade II and several other films. He's also working on a three year project for Disney and I think Pixar. I hope I can use this contact to get into the industry once I've finished my schooling.

I guess I'm going to be living my dream. Which is amazing ! I can't wait. I wonder how many people get to do this???


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