Thursday, May 22

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The Ottawa Senators won last nights game against the New Jersey Devils to force a deciding Game 7 in the third round of NHL Playoffs. The game will be played Friday night at the Corel Centre in Ottawa, the winner will go on to face the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

Reuben Suddard is the new "American Idol". The six foot five fat man managed to edge out the effeminate Clay Aiken in last nights Season Finale. Over 24 million Americans voted to determine the results, that's almost the entire population of Canada.

Mad Cow disease has struck Alberta, this is the latest in Canadian plagues, along with the West Nile disease and of course SARS.

Inflation has gone down to 3%, a drop of 1.3% according to Stats-Can. Our dollar is up, the US is running Iraq, an earthquake has killed over 6,000 people in Algeria, and the Police are still searching for whomever murdered Holly Jones.

What does all this mean? Well, Canada has a chance of bringing back the Stanley Cup, it's been 9 years since a Canadian team won the trophy.

America's Idol is an obese man named after a sandwich, how very appropriate.

It's possible that the U.S. is retaliating against us for the many anti-Bush comments made by Government officials, and our lack of support during the illegal invasion of Iraq, for more details on this check out The G-Spot

And the rest, well it looks like the nothing changes, the economy will improve, the U.S. will always be a bully, Canada is a safer place to live than Algeria, but even we aren't free from trouble.


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