Wednesday, May 21

I'm Back

It seems that after every long weekend, or weekend in general I have to post an "I'm Back" post. So I'll begin this one by saying, I had a wonderful weekend, and for some reason I'm too damn lazy to post on my days off. Blogging is an at work thing for me. It allows me to do something interesting instead of doing what I'm paid to do. Yay for blogging!

I ended up going home for the Victoria day long weekend. I want to buy a cottage so I can start going there, will anyone lend me some money? Maybe about $50,000? That should cover whatever I need for a cottage.

I ended up going to Niagara Falls on the long weekend, and I'm surprised to see how tacky it's become over the last two or three years. There has always been that element of neon and wax museums tacky, but now there is a mid-way, a Rainforest Cafe (the sure sign of degeneration if you ask me) and WWE pro-wrestling store, and a new casino is on the way. While I was enjoying the sights and sounds of Cliffton Hill, I realized that there were very few people actually looking at the falls. It's as though they've become some sort of secondary feature. The Casino, tourist shops, rides, and haunted houses have taken over. To me, Niagara Falls is Canadas little piece of America. One of natures wonders is overshadowed by the cheap glowing facade of man made consumer driven crap.

I'm glad that Blamb posted that article about Canada becoming less like the States. If you haven't read this, go read it now. It's very reassuring, especially after you've seen something like what I saw this weekend.


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