Monday, May 26

I repeat, this is NOT the United States, why can't you see that?

I just read an article at It's been out there for awhile I'm sure, but I haven't really been keeping up with current events.

The article is about a man being held without charges or any chance for bail, because he's a Muslim.

This wouldn't be so shocking if it were taking place somewhere like Texas. But this is happening in Canada. I can understand the reasoning behind holding someone without bail when they've been arrested as a national security risk. But he's been there for 32 days in solitary confinement. We are not Iraq, we are not Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia. This is Canada.

There is no excuse for this behaviour by our government. If the man truly is a threat we have to identify it much quicker than this. If he isn't, we should be letting him go a lot quicker than this.

What's next? Are we going to build internment camps at borders and air ports? Maybe ship all the Muslims out to an island somewhere in the arctic circle.

What is happening to human rights in this world?


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