Tuesday, April 8

War Update....

It looks as though Saddam may be dead. The US dropped four "Bunker Buster" bombs on a restaurant where Saddam was thought to be meeting his sons. They demolished the restaurant, destroyed three homes, damaged many other buildings, tore up some landscape, trees, and hurled steel beams 100 yards in various directions.
What a precision attack I tell you.

In all of this they only killed about 14 civilians, and so far only one of them had a severed head.


I've heard people talk about sacrificing the one for the many, but the many for the one? And just when I thought Bush couldn't get any dumber.

I'm glad we're not "supporting" this war. I feel sick enough knowing that we have troops in Iraq on exchange programs, and that our MPs apologize for anti-American remarks.

When I read reports like this it reaffirms my belief that this is an unjust and criminal war.

The worst part of everything is that they don't even know if they got Saddam, and it will take quite a while to figure it out. They so completely demolished everything in sight, that they'll need to do DNA tests on the remains found in the 60 foot crater, to determine the identity of the victims.


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