Monday, April 7

Wait 'till you see the whites of their eyes!

Protesting for peace is almost as dangerous as going to war these days. Some longshoremen were shot with non-lethal bullets during a protest.
The longshoremen were minding their business when police opened fire on a group of protesters from Direct Action to Stop the War, a San Francisco based anti-war group.
It's pretty scary to think that authorities could fire sand-bags, non-lethal bullets, and concussion grenades at you for simply stating your mind in a civily disobediant manner.
I wonder what happens if you're caught doing something like urinating in public. No wait, I don't want to know!

A Real Life Soap Opera

No there aren't any crazed murderous twin sisters lost in the swams of southern New Orleans. Or crazy love starved clones of Victor Newman. This is the real deal. A 17 year old woke from a year long coma.
She had slipped into this coma after giving birth to her son last January.
The coma was the result of a brain tumor.
This story has all the right elements, brain surgery, comatose teenager, and a kid.

In Other News...

My roommate thinks that Saddam has hidden the WMD on boats. Or possibly he's disguised them as trees in the middle of the desert.


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