Friday, April 25


As the globe slowly spins its way towards spring and hopefully an eventual summer, I begin to feel the inevitable pull of the links. The sky is blue and all the leaves are green, the sun's as warm as a baked potato...uh okay, that was a "Cannibal the Musical" quote. But's it's fairly accurate.

Hockey season is over, it's playoffs time, and so far it's as exciting a playoff as I've ever seen. The Make-me-laughs are finished, Ottawa is going strong, the Mighty Ducks are slowly advancing in an unbelievable five game winning streak, and fans everywhere are excited about the impending Stanley Cup finals.

But many of us are gazing out the office windows, looking upon the newly uncovered fields of green, and itching to be out there drinking some beers and swinging a metal stick at a tiny white ball. The sporting goods stores have all their Nike, Topflight, mizuno, and Titlist gear on display. Pictures of Canada's newest hero Mike Weir are flooding the nation, and the irresistible thwack of a 3 wood is making heads turn.

Golf season is upon us.


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