Wednesday, April 16


I have been trying to get in touch with a few friends from my past as of late. Maybe I'm going through some sort of 24 year old quarter life crisis or something. One of the people I'm trying to contact is a girl named Sully that I used to talk to over the internet. She lived somewhere in the Washington DC area and I ended up meeting her in a movie chat room on yahoo. I don't know why I was in the chat room as I usually can't stand the idiocy found in those places, but while in there she ended up messaging me and we talked about some great films. We ended up sending e mails back and forth in a totally non-sexual internet relationship. I was always wary because I hear so many stories about sick old perverts trying to meet young kids. But we just ended up as friends. I ended up losing touch with her while I was at school and I didn't have many chances to check my e mails.
I would like to get in touch with her again but unfortunately her e mail address is no longer working, and un-like a telephone number there aren't public listings, or forwarding numbers.
I've also been trying to contact some friends from school. Their phone number (they're twin brothers) which I had is disconnected. Luckily their step dad works at the building my mom works at, so I had her get their phone numbers.

Sometimes I begin to feel sad when I realize that I've lost touch with a friend to the point that I no longer have a method of contacting them. I makes me feel like one more aspect of my life has disappeared. It's a humbling experience to someone who has just exited that teenage indestructible phase of life.

How do you older folks deal with it? (This enquiry is aimed towards virtually all my readers, I think you're all older than 24. Except Blamb, who based on his creative imagination and impending marriage to a toy, can get away with being about 5 )


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