Thursday, April 10

The Price of Happiness

Have you ever had a job that made you completely miserable? Have you ever had to wake up every morning dreading the next 8 hours of your life? That’s what it’s like to be me right now. I was not cut out to be a civil servant.
Not only is my job repetitive and boring, but when I do have opportunities to move up the proverbial corporate ladder, I keep getting denied.
Recently my employer, the Ontario Ministry of Finance, held competitions for a tax collections job. I am a support clerk for the collections unit. I answer their phones, do their mail, file their paper work, manage their fleet of vehicles, make travel reservations, register legal documents, and many other menial, and important tasks. In the last few years (I’ve worked here during the summers in-between school years) I’ve learned a lot about the collections process, policies and legislation.
I applied for an interview for one of the collections jobs they were offering.
The first thing they did, which kind of made me a little bit upset, was they made me participate in a pre-screening test for the job. The purpose of this test is to see if people from outside the Government know about our policies, or have the necessary basic knowledge to do the job. Obviously I have that knowledge after having been here as long as I have.
The pre-screening test was 100 true or false questions.
I got the highest mark on the pre-screening test. When I asked my managers why I had to take it, they said it was because I had no “Official Collections experience”. So I figured, okay, it’s just protocol.
I got the interview, I did extremely well on the interview. They told me I did great on the interview. But when it came to giving me the job, they said that they reviewed my pre-screening test and my mark wasn’t as high as they originally thought.
Now that pissed me off. How the hell can something be true yesterday but false today, or vice versa?
They ended up offering the job to someone else. I was disappointed but I let it go, I thought to myself, okay, someone beat me fair and square, I can do better next time.
Well next was the straw that broke the camels back. One week after the interview, my manager comes to me and says “We gave John Doe (not his real name) a contract as a collections officer. I know you’ve expressed interest in this position, but the contract is only for three months and you’re on a year contract, so we thought you wouldn’t want it.”
Now John Doe, has never expressed an interest in Collections, and is basically a kiss ass from what I’ve heard. Now, I understand the three month rationale, but they didn’t even offer it to me.
So, to make a long story even longer, I’m mad. They didn’t give me a job that they could have due to some phony test results, then they go and offer a contract for a position that I’ve tried out for to someone who hasn’t even expressed an interest, and doesn’t have my experience, and now I’ve been told that the reason they did all this was because there isn’t anyone else to do my current job.
That is just a kick in the face as far as I’m concerned. I got screwed because I’m a hard worker.
So now I’ve decided to go back to college and take Computer animation. I have a friend at Core Graphics in Toronto, hopefully he can help me out when it comes time to find a job.
The only problem is the course costs nearly $8,000.
So my question is.....Can someone lend me about $7,000? Or tell me about a quick and easy way to get the $7,000? Thanks, I appreciate it.


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