Wednesday, April 30

Oh Canabis, weed stand on guard for thee!

It seems as though Chretien will finally get going on his plan to decriminalize posession of small amounts of mary jane.
I like that term decriminalize. It makes me think of that whole titties in T.O. ordeal of a few years ago. So it looks as though half naked chicks will be able to stroll the streets smokin' weed, without fear of a criminal record, just a simple ticket or citation. And people wonder why we don't want to go and help the U.S. bomb Iraq into oblivion.
It's obvious now, all our leaders are stoned! Yeah, it makes perfect sense. Who ever heard of a brawl resulting from smoking a dube? If the entire war was being fought over something like twinkies, cheetos, or a McDonalds breakfast burrito, well then, maybe we'd have something more to say about it.
News like this makes me kind of happy. I believe that laws which make something like pot illegal and alcohol or tobacco legal are pretty stupid. I think our law makers should try to take a step forward and realize that the current system is based on out dated ideals founded primarily on the Christian religion, and it should be updated to reflect the opinions and beliefs of a newer age.
Hell, now that I've opened this particular pandora's box, maybe I should begin my rant on legalizing prostitution, and funding alternative fuel source research.
Naw, I'm a little busy at the moment. We'll save those for another day.
Anyway, what do you think about the decriminalization of marijuana? Do you have an opinion about the pros and cons of legalizing and taxing the flesh trade? C'mon now, dish!


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