Wednesday, April 9

My own personal outrage...

I'm pretty damn pissed off today. I read a report that two Canadians have been killed in Iraq. Now these weren't journalists staying in a hotel which had been fired at by a US tank. One was a Canadian soldier fighting with the US marines, and the other was a worker with the Red Cross.
I thought Canada wasn't participating in this war? I understand the person working for the Red Cross, they take risks, and sometimes people die. But a Canadian soldier should not have been fighting in a war that his country has not participated in. Had Chretien pulled the soldiers that were on exchange programs, like he should have, this death would not have happened.
I hate it when politicians are so damned two-faced. They tell us one thing, and then do another, or they do what they said they'd do, but only half assed.
I can't stop thinking that this didn't have to happen.
The article didn't offer any detials as to what happend to cause the two deaths, but I hope to find out more soon. If anyone has more information, please send it my way.


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