Tuesday, April 8

I wonder if these guys knew something that the US didn't want them to know.

Reports indicate that a hotel where many foreign journalists are staying in Baghdad was fired upon by US troops. Reports indicate that at least one journalist was killed, and several were injured.

Some of the journalists said they saw a tank turn and aim at the building before it was hit.

There are conflicting reports from the US soldiers as to why they fired on the hotel. Some say there was sniper fire coming from the roof, others say it came from the lobby.

It was well known that many foreign journalists were staying at the hotel. This incident follows on the heels of The Abu Dhabi TV office in Baghdad having been bombed by the US.

In a recent post on A Small Victory, the blogger spoke about the politically left anti-war bloggers and sympathizers denying "facts" and talking about conspiracy whenever something is discovered or claimed by the Pentagon. I wonder if these actions will fan those lefty flames?


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