Friday, March 28

The Weekend...

I find that weekends are such wonderful times. I usually don't blog on the weekend. I spend my entire week at work staring at these damn computer screens and I look forward to sitting around my apartment reading nice black words on off white paper. I wish the internet came in a soft cover form. I'm currently reading a series of books by George R.R. Martin. They're awesome! Read them, the first is called A Game of Thrones, the second A Clash of Kings. I haven't read the third yet. My girlfriend is going to pick it up for me while she's at the mall.
What do you do on your weekend, or for people like me, what did you do this weekend?
I'll give you an update on Monday, when I'm back at work, getting paid by the Government from your tax dollars. Ha, that has to suck, you're giving the Government 8% of every purchase you make (with some exceptions) and that 8% is going towards paying me my salary, and here I am, blogging!
Ha ha ha ha!
Enjoy the weekend! And read something by Michael Moore, it will make you much more jaded, but it's worth it.


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