Thursday, March 20

War War War War....

Guess what this post is about? Yup, War. War in Iraq. The invasion of Iraq by the U.S. of A. Bush's "surgical strikes" at "leadership targets". Forgive me for being the way that I am, but the word surgical makes me think of doctors, and healing, and precision. It doesn't make me think of gigantic cruise missiles slamming into buildings and killing people. It doesn't make me think of death and destruction.
But what a great way to make people associate these unjustified actions by the American government with the concept of medical science, and healing or curing. Way to go propaganda machines, and by this I mean CNN and FOX News.
Check out Dick Winston, who has a great clip from Kate Adie, or Testify and Blamblog for a variety of interesting war related posts.


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