Friday, March 21

Today's news with Chip Tijuana....

What a shocker! There is some bickering in the Canadian House of Commons! Who could have seen that coming?
Personally I'm with Jack Layton and the NDP on this one. I've seen no real justification for this war and it disappoints me that the US and Britain would ignore the wide spread requests for peace.

In other news...there is minor flooding in the parking garage of my apartment. Every day it gets a little bit worse. Luckily the only area that affects me is the stair well. At the bottom landing there is about a centimeter of water. Very foul, dirty water. Some people on the other side of the garage have to drive through half an inch of water. It doesn't sound like much, but it's enough to get the bottom of your pants wet if you don't step lightly.

Speaking of getting wet. Authorities found some man standing in the water about three feet from the edge of Niagara Falls. This guy must really be anxious to go swimming, let's hope the warm weather comes soon.

If any of my readers are in the Ottawa area, come on out for a Big Ass Snowball Fight sponsored by FM - CMS Canada. They're going to try for the Guiness World Record.


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