Monday, March 17

Space invading clones from Quebec!!!

Ok, so it looks like the Raelians have declared that they will provide proof of their successful attempts to clone a human being. This article states that a company called Clonaid founded by the Raelians, a cult which believes that human life was created by aliens from outer space, not south of the border, has claimed that they've created five human clones.
The president of Clonaid says they will provide proof to back these claims, including a DNA test.

I'm excited by this prospect. Imagine being able to clone yourself? That would be so much fun.
If I had a clone I'd name it Alibi.

My roommate has a girl friend who is studying Theology at a Christian University. She was asking him to go to a church group which would be having a scientist talk about cloning. I wonder if this scientist is a Raelian. I think, if it hasn't already taken place, I will attend this meeting. It sounds interesting. Keep an eye out for future posts concerning this subject.

What would you name your clone?


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