Thursday, March 27


The CBC reports that the whole MP comments thing is far from over.
It seems that MPs are a little ticked off that Mr. Celluci says there will be ramifications due to Canada's decision not to participate in the so called War in Iraq.

It also looks like Canadians are participating to a degree.

Surprise, suprise. The heir to the Common Sense Revolution is adding his two cents, and as always they only add up to about one cent. Ernie is supporting the invasion of Iraq by the Bushies. Maybe double E was too busy worrying about US Canada relations, and he didn't realize he's holding his Budget speech in an auto parts facility.

A plague seems to be forming in Toronto. People are buying face masks like they were going out of style. Hell, were they ever in style? Anyway, SARS seems to be turning into an epidemic. Scarborough Grace Hospital is being quarantined, and anyone who's visited since March 16 are being quarantined as well. "Uh, hello work, yeah I'm in quarantine, I guess I won't be coming in for about 10 days." Too bad this didn't happen closer to the opening of Canada's Wonderland.

Meanwhile Scientists in Hong Kong have identified the SARS virus, hopefully this will make it easier to diagnose.

Canada will continue with it's policy of trying to help rather than blowing shit up. The PM will donate 100 Million Bucks to the Iraqi people.

Speaking of blowing shit up, reports are saying British Troops have destroyed 20 Iraqi tanks. Yay for killing!

But that's nothing compared to the hundreds of people killed so far. Of course, these ones are just the civilian cassualties. But as Bush would say; "It pales in comparisson to the number of people killed in the 9/11 attack." Then again, how 9/11 factors into this Iraqi war, has yet to be explained.

I guess all of this tragedy is justified by the fact that Bush is trying to defend freedom. Sure thing G.W.

I'll end this report with some recommended reading...
The Alternative Patriot....The tag line reads - The republic is endangered more by actions of our own government than by those of any terrorist.
Michael Moore The academy award winning director has a not so subtle view on the Bush administration and this war in Iraq.
Mark Morford The SF Gate columnist has some amazing articles. Go to the archives and read them all.

Peace out homies!


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