Wednesday, March 12

Another one bites the dust...

So the other day the US spouted off that it had found the smoking gun in the form of an Iraqi drone that could conceivably spread biological weapons across the planet. Colin Powell said; "it should be of concern to everybody." ( Courtesy of A Small Victory )
Now this article comes out, stating the drone is made of balsa wood and duct tape. It cannot fly more than five miles, and is basically a big remote control air plane.
I mean Elijah Wood had a better chance of causing trouble with his Radio Flyer than Iraq does with this thing.
My question is, how many times does the US have to be shown as being full of crap, before the American public finally revolts and overthrows this pathetic regime? Now I must give them some credit, a recent poll shows only 39% support for Dubya, but even that number seems high to me.
Powell gives us supposed evidence after evidence, and accusation after accusation, and they're all shown to be full of crap.
The hawks are all crying about liberating Iraq, and countering a threat to america. While the doves are all saying, what threat? Liberation by nukes eh? Great concept.
Go to my Links Page and check out Fablog to read some great commentary about the recent Presidential Press Confrence and other political stuff.
Oh, and you might also want to listen to some uplifting music by the Beastie Boys while you do so. Their new anti-war song is on their site.

Enjoy... and in the spirit of Sister StaceyPatrick...
May your wings spread, and your duct tape never peel...


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