Wednesday, February 26

Where does he get all those wonderful toys?

Has anyone noticed how cool toys are now? I was at a local Comic Book and Collectibles shop on the weekend and I decided to peruse the toy wall. Kids these days have it made! Some of these toys have over thirty points of articulation, the detail is astonishing, and the variety is astounding.
Even some of the toys that are making a come back, like He-man, are pretty good. The newest He-man toys have more movement, they've got cooler weapons, and better accesories.
I remember my old He-man toys, the Battle Cat was just a large hollow piece of green plastic with yellow stripes and white teeth. The new version has claw slashing action, it's mouth opens and closes, and there are missles on the saddle.
I also took a look at a new Hulk figurine. I had the equivalent when I was a child and it was a large green plastic doll with movable arms and legs. The new version has shading, it bends in the middle around the rib cage, the arms rotate, bend at the elbows, the wrists turn, even the ankles flex.
Of course I'll always prefer my classic toys to the new ones for nostalgic purposes, and most of the designs were better (ie. Transformers). But I still think kids are lucky to have such detailed action figures.
I'm not really an authority on girl toys, or children's toys, but I assume they're better now too.


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