Wednesday, February 12

War Blog Update...

I know I said I would try to stay away from the political war blogging entries, but I also said I would provide periodic updates with material I deemed to be interesting. This is one of those updates.
The following quote can be found at Right Wing News along with several, equally atrocious comments.

John Hawkins: Let's say that things go well in Iraq and that we dispose of Saddam in short order with a minimal number of American and Iraqi civilian casualties. What do you think our next step in the war on terrorism should be?
Mark Steyn: The next step should be to quarantine the Saudis. The US has a moral distaste for imperialism, which is fair enough, but, on the other hand, when it scuppered the British and French over Suez in 1956, all it did was deliver the Middle East out of western influence and into the hands of what it thought were pliable strongmen. That's no more morally superior than western imperialism and in practical terms it's been a lot worse. We need to reform the entire region. To those cynical Europeans who say, "Oh, it's absurd to think Arabs can ever be functioning members of a democrat state", I'd say, in that case why are you allowing virtually unrestricted Muslim immigration into your own countries? So I'd say: after Iraq, Iran won't be far behind; we then quarantine Saudi Arabia and explain the realities of life to Egypt and Syria.

When I read things like this I am truly thankful for organizations like Nowar-paix, or Indy Media. As well as any other peace related organizations.

Nowar-paix is an anti-war site here in Ottawa that has several scheduled rallies and marches posted with dates, times and places. I recommend checking it out if you’ve any sort of interest in these causes. The site also contains links to other organizations if you’re not in the Ottawa area.

Indy Media is pretty much self explanatory.

I would also like to draw your attention to this article which disputes the claims that Saddam gassed his own Kurdish citizens. This claim is a major rallying point for the Bush administrations justification of a war in Iraq. Thanks for the link "">Blamb.

For more war / anti-war blogging you can go to the cross blog debate happening on Truth Laid Bear (misspelled on purpose) and Stand Down. It’s good fun, I guarantee. Ok, I don’t guarantee, but go check it out anyway.


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