Friday, February 28

Survivor Update...

Ha, yeah right! Those of you who know me, know I'm not about to do a serious Survivor Update kind of post. But I will actually talk about Survivor and reality TV.
Survivor Amazon, Men vs Women. Well, I guess they needed to pump some new blood into the failing product. My suggestion, Celebrity Survivor, and not that one with Robin Leech as the only real celebrity. I'm thinking washed up people like in the Surreal Life. You know, Webster, or MC Hammer, maybe one of the Corys. They could have Rosie O'Donell and maybe Kathy Lee Gifford.
Which Celebrities would you like to see on a Survivor show?
Another suggestion, Survivor Canada. If they can do Canadian Popstars, and Canadian Idol, and who wants to be a Canadian Millionaire, aka Who Wants Fifty Bucks, then they can do a Canadian Survivor.
I would love to see a bunch of Toronto city folk, and some backwoods BC lumberjacks, trying to co-habitat in an out of the way area near Thunder Bay or something. Add a Quebecor in there for some extra laughs.
Reality TV. I've said it once, I'll say it again. It's not really reality, it's a damn game show. Sheesh!
I'll also repeat this sentiment from PixiStix....
Regarding: Married by America
These people are going to let the American public choose their spouse? Are they dumb? These are the people who choose George W. Bush as their leader!


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