Friday, February 7

One of those update style posts...

Here's something interesting. This post found on Lisa English's site, courtesy of Testify.

It's basically about a bi-partisan bill asking Congress to roll back Bush's powers to attack Iraq. And the part that makes it news worth is that it hasn't had ANY news coverage. So where is the Liberal Media?

I've also found this post at A Small Victory. In a nut shell, the post describes the Blogger's fear of a terrorist attack now that the Terror Alert level in the U.S. has been raised to Orange. I must say that she is a great writer. She's very capable of expressing her thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner. Unfortunately these thoughts and ideas have been slanted by the conservative U.S. media whores. It's such a shame to see a mind like that go to waste.

If you've read her post my thoughts will make a bit more sense. If not you can simply read and interpret them in any light you choose.

In her post Michele talks about low flying planes, masked men with guns, and chemical attacks. She describes the fear and insecurity she experiences when thinking of such things. Michele describes her old school where her children currently attend, and the bomb shelter located in the basement. She provides a detailed description of children running for safety, the sound of a military helicopter hovering above. These scenes are vivid, almost straight out of a comic book or action film. But that's all they are, fiction. Michele has been influenced by the American media to such an extent that she lets her underlying basic animal fears throw her into a panic at he slightest mention of Iraq, Saddam, Osama, or the Al Qaeda. The American media with it's continuous images of a shuttle falling to pieces, repeated images and sound bytes of Colin Powell showing evidence of terrorist links, headline news coverage of children killed in car accidents, murders, rapes, and robberies. The American media with it's sombre reporters and graphics of the stars and stripes waving slowling in an unseen digital wind. It's no wonder that intelligent people like Michele, or Tony (another commenter on A Small Victory) feel as though they are being persecuted and stalked by crazed mad men in middle eastern countries. Propaganda is a modern day art form. For a brief history of propaganda check out a link located on Testify's blog. Sometimes I feel frightened when I hear people talk about killing "Ayrabs" and "Soddom Insane". I fear that many more minds will be turned, I fear that I will see my neighbors and co-workers brainwashed by a media that cares more about ratings then it does about the truth. Then I wonder if they're all right and I'm wrong, and I guess that's my biggest fear. I'm terrified that my happy little world might just be close to the brink of extinction by a mad man in Iraq or Afghanistan. I doubt it though. I've peeled back the layers and witnessed the truth. I live in Canada, and everyone likes Canadians right? Right?


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