Thursday, February 6

One More Time....

Why would the U.S. want to go to war with a nation that has made no aggressive movements? If Saddam hates America it’s because America has given him a reason for that hatred. Iraq has not caused any problems since the Gulf War.
Why does Bush feel this compelling need to attack them, when Clinton found no reason for military action during his eight years in office?
It’s already been said, but I’ll repeat it, Powell presented evidence, but he didn’t provide a form of verification. And now that people are calling for verification the hawks are getting upset. No one wants to give Saddam any more time to plan some sort of attack, they just want some physical proof that these attacks are going to happen. The logical person wonders for what reason would Saddam attack America now? Why, after 12 years would he choose this time to “fire the gun”?
I’m sorry but the links to the Al Qaeda are just too remote. The U.S. government has closer links to Bin Laden. Hell they funded him in Afghanistan. And Thomas Keen the guy appointed by Bush to investigate the 9/11 attacks was a director of a petroleum company that had direct relations to a guy who married Osama’s sister and helped organize charities that gave money to the Al Qaeda.
It seems like America is just ultra-paranoid, and with good reason. Their media is keeping them in a panic, providing news stories filled with grief and tragedy, showing horrific images of death and despair. Fear is a great motivator, and it looks as though the American public is being controlled by their fear of the great Boogey men Osama and Saddam.
Yes, Saddam is an evil man. He’s committed some atrocious acts, but why choose this particular time to move against him? If the U.S. felt so threatened by Iraq, why didn’t they do something about it in 1991?
It seems as though the majority of people who support a war in Iraq are saying things like “they broke the U.N. resolutions, we need to disarm them by force.” But there isn’t any proof that they possess any banned weapons, just a lack of proof showing they’ve gotten rid of the weapons. Some say “Saddam is evil, he tortures his people, he is full of hate, he hates America, we have to liberate the people of Iraq.” Yeah, he’s a bastard, we all know that. But what do you do once you’ve liberated all these people? Why didn’t the U.S. act a long time ago to liberate these people? Why doesn’t the U.S. go to war with other nations who commit crimes against humanity? If the U.S. is planning on invading Iraq, removing an evil dictator, setting up an economical and civil support structure, and committing itself to educating and medicating the Iraqi public, then by all means do so. If the U.S. is planning on invading Iraq, taking out Saddam, making some money off oil fields, setting up a puppet government which will be powerless to stop the resulting civil upheaval. Then, well that would be wrong.
Many are saying; “Saddam has ties to terrorism, we must act now to protect our country.” Well unfortunately many foreign governments have ties to terrorism. Maybe the U.S. should attack all countries which pose a potential threat. Start with North Korea. Then maybe other middle eastern countries with a majority of Muslim populations. China could be a big one, they’re communists after all. Oh and Ireland has a history of rebellion and terrorism, better attack them before they come after you.
The whole idea of another war with Iraq doesn’t make sense to me. The potential for gain does not exceed the potential for loss. The potential rise in terrorism due to the eventual collapse of the middle east, caused by militant Muslim extremist groups scares me. The underlying coincidences regarding Bush’s horrible domestic record, and the rumours about oil companies planning to divy up the spoils of war, make me shudder.
Is the whole planet corrupt? Can we trust anyone? I think it’s time to ask Professor Otto about this one.
By the way, if you’re into corruption and politics, or corruption in politics, check this out, courtesy of Testify. It just adds to the whole mistrust of President Bush vibe.

This will be one of my final war blog posts. You can find them anywhere else on the net. I will however attempt to keep up with current events and add updates whenever I find something of great interest. I’ve made my points, and provided explanations, I may continue adding extra reasons to avoid war on my links page.

Coming up next, movie reviews, a Senators update, life in Ottawa, pros and cons of porn, and other tid bits.


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