Monday, February 10

Life in Ottawa...2

So far we've had no responses from Blind Date for our roommate Greg. So Pixi and I have decided on another approach. We're going to attempt to sign him up on some sort of reality television show. Maybe something like Temptation Island, the Bachelor, or Pop Stars. I know the third sounds kind of like an odd choice, but Greg really likes the under age girls.

Fortunately for my roommate he has met one girl that seems interested in dating him. This weekend he took her to a museum and out for coffee. He's also gone on a few dinner dates with her. It sounds like it's working out pretty good so far. The one major problem is that from the sounds of his dates and their locations, he's pretending to be someone he's not. Greg just isn't the museum kind of guy. The only place he would see art would probably be his doctor's waiting room, or the lobby of the nearest court house. And taking a girl out for coffee just doesn't seem to be his style. The only time I've seen him drink coffee is when sobering up after a hard night of paryting and puking. Then there are the dinner dates. Greg's idea of a quality restaurant is Jackastors. Maybe he would manage to get into East Side Marios.
The last girl Greg dated thought he was an intelligent charming individual, that was until she witnessed the way he acted around me. I tend to be a bad influence on Habjan, he seems to believe that by outwitting me, or trying to dominate me physically, he will impress his prospective girlfriends. Unfortunately for him, I am usually the one who ends up getting the last word. Considering the bulk of Greg's insults consist of "fuck you", or "Why don't you go play a game of hide and go fuck yourself?" Admittedly, the latter is entertaining, but not after he's said it several dozen times.
I hate to be so pessimistic, hopefully Greg and this new girl will hit it off, but I have my doubts. If anyone knows and single women between the ages 18 and 65 in the Ottawa region, please comment and I may be able to help Greg out.


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