Tuesday, February 4

Conspiracy Theory

Tony Pierce provides us with this. An in depth look at tax breaks for small business purchases on SUVs. From what I can gather the U.S. government is giving people tax breaks to encourage them to buy a gas guzzling SUV. I also noticed that the Bush Administration is even going to increase these tax incentives.
So to summarise, the Oil companies, kowing that the SUV consumes a hell of a lot of gas, convinces the U.S. gov't to give consumers a huge tax break so that more SUVs will be on the roads consuming more gas. Then they convince George Dubya to invade Iraq so the big Oil companies can divy up the Iraqi oil fields the U.S. government is holding in trust, thus increasing their profits because they now have a huge supply of free oil, and, because of the raised tax cuts more people are buying and driving SUVs.
So there we have it. A clear reason as to why Bush Jr. wants to go to war


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