Tuesday, February 4

The Boob Tube...

I'm not much of a television watcher. I usually watch it with my girlfriend or roommate. Sometimes we leave it on during dinner, usually as background noise. Sometimes it feels weird when there are no audio distractions available. It's like being at the cottage, or on vacation. There is something wrong about peace and quiet while you're at home, I tend to become too relaxed and then I panic because I know I have to go to work the next day. It's an eerie feeling.

Yesterday I watched another episode of Joe Millionaire with PixiStix. It was just as stupid as always. A television producer trying to gain ratings by showing people with relationship issues and plastic breasts. I guess the main fascination is to see someone else get hurt (because of the lie being told on the show) thus making you feel better about yourself. Another reason might be to see some slutty girls throwing themselves at some rich guy (who really isn't rich). Thus bolstering your self esteem, allowing you to say, well atleast I'm not that much of a gold digger, or atleast I'm not lying to my girlfriend. It's a sick and twisted fascination we have with television. And it all begins with our youth....

I found a post on Testify about a school teacher who was reprimanded for asking her students to read books, rather than watch television in class. It is titled Hide Your Books. I find it to be a prime example of bad education and short sightedness. If you have the time please read it and tell me what you think. Or just comment about your television addictions.


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