Thursday, January 16

Who ya’ gonna’ call....PORN BUSTERS!

It looks like it took the arrest of a washed up Rock n’ Roll star to bring some much needed media attention to the problems police face when combatting Child Pornography. Unfortunately I am somewhat in the dark as to the full extent of this problem. But regardless of how much Child Porn there is out there, or how many paedophiles are accessing it, one way or the other there is too much.
I’ve read several reports concerning the who, what, and why of paedophilia. Some of these stated that paedophilia is a mental disorder, others determined that it is a conscious choice made individuals.
I guess it’s possible that in our society of fast cars, fast food, satellite television, internet gaming, and reality television, the average person’s attention span has waned to the point of non-existence. The eventual desensitization to violence and sexuality will inevitably lead to people wanting something raunchier and racier. This isn’t always the case, but it’s primarily true for most people. But does this desire for “something new” include unnatural acts like beastiality and child pornography? I personally do not think so. I tend to side with the idea that it is a mental disorder, rather than allowing myself to believe that there are people out there who are just down right evil enough to purposely support this kind of industry.
For those people who do want to experience something out of the ordinary without venturing into the realms of moral and legal debauchery, maybe they should try watching some midget porn, something like Itty Bitty Gang Bang, or Tiny’s Big Package.
In a recent article on Det.-Sgt. Paul Gillespie, head of the Toronto sex crimes unit stated that the Canadian Federal government hasn’t been contributing enough to the fight against Child Pornography. If this is true, maybe our Government should spend a little less time worrying about Nazi President George Dubwa’s actions towards Iraq, and spend a lot more time trying to thwart real criminals.
Just another issue to throw on the pile in this new year. It looks like we’re in for an interesting 349 days to come.


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