Monday, January 6

The War on Terror Continues...

While perusing some articles on I've noticed that several mention a proposed "North American Security Perimeter". This would basically allow Canada to align it's border security with those of the United States. It is a proposed method of combatting all of the "undocumented" refugees "freely wandering the streets". It seems that the SUN based Canoe News is in agreement with a proposal that would allow for the "incarceration" or deportation of the "undocumented" refugees.
Now I'm not much of a political expert or anything, but the last time I checked we were claiming to be a "free" society. Personally these ideas give me a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.
The word "undocumented" stands out to me as being a term that is more suited to Nazi Germany than Liberal run Canada. I'm sorry, but when the British, French, and Spanish to name a few, arrived on this Continent they didn't exactly have Citizenship papers.
Our immigration laws have been existent for well over 35 years, I see no reason to change them now. One columnist, Bob MacDonald, claims that we should begin building detention centres for refugees while we do security checks on them. Uh, do you mean a Concentration Camps?
Another sickening thought is that by working with the U.S. to create this North American Security Perimeter we will be altering several of our laws and policies to match theirs. I don't feel very comfortable with the thought of Canada becoming anything like the U.S. Especially after the Freedom of the Press in the United States was ranked 17th among World Nations, Canada was ranked 5th.
I seem to recall Austria welcoming the Germans with open arms. Will history repeat itself? I know I'm slightly jaded, but I see Bush as being nothing more than a war monger and a racist. He has reportedly signed a law that bans students from countries deemed to be sponsoring Terrorists from studying, or using, any technology relating to germs or possible biological warfare. American Universities have been turning down financial grants from the American Federal government because the U.S. Army would like to have final approval over unclassified research in many areas. One of those areas was a study about the psychological habits of College aged battered women. I fail to see how a study like this could aid terrorists.
I've never been a fan of our Liberal Government, but I will support them 100% as long as they stand against President Bush and his senseless cries for was in the Middle East.


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