Friday, January 10

Walk This Way...

On Blamb’s website, found at the bottom of this page in the Links Section, Brett talks about the upcoming Toronto election. One of his comments mentions demolishing the Gardiner Expressway to make the city more walkable.

Personally I do not agree with Brett’s opinion that a pedestrian friendly Toronto is a better Toronto. Now this is not a direct quote or anything, it’s just the feeling I get from Blamb’s sentiments towards driving, public transportation, and walking.

I tend to measure progress in terms of man made conveniences. Smaller more versatile automobiles, personal flying devices like jet packs or mini-copters, even Star Trek like transporters.

Walking is an excellent means of exercise or transportation if you’re limited to a small area that provides visual and aural distractions. Places like Shopping Malls or Theme Parks. But walking shouldn’t be the main form of cross country or cross city transportation.

I move to ban walking in all forms on major Metropolitan streets. Step up government spending in fields of research that will provide us with personal transport devices. Long live the age of laziness!

(This was a satirical posting brought to you by Chip Tijuana in the interests of causing trouble)


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