Thursday, January 2

The Opening Pitch...

It seems to me that the media is pulling out all the stops this year. 2003 has just begun and instead of heartwarming, spirit lifting stories full of good thoughts and optimistic glee, I find the top stories are covering Gun Registration Protests, An FBI man hunt for five middle eastern men, the Ottawa Senators losing money, and forecasts of the imminent downfall of marijuana prohibition. Yep, that’s right. The FBI will be chasing stoned hockey players toting illegal guns in Pakistan. Oh, maybe I’m connecting some dots that should be left on their own.

I guess stories concerning violence, poverty, crime and war get the higher ratings. Maybe I’m just being foolish to think that changing my calendar will do anything other than creating another pile of ink stained paper to help escalate our countries waste disposal problems.

On the lighter side, China is preparing to send another rocket into space, this time it will contain a human being. Their most recent test flight was launched from the Gobi Desert and it will provide information regarding life support systems. And then there were three.

I think I’ll take Blamb’s advice and get a new web site for my blog. Something that isn’t a Blogspot page. I would like to just create my blog on Dreamweaver and update it as I go, rather than using these silly templates.

I might also follow Blamb’s advice and go to an anti-war protest this year. I’m getting tired of George W. Bush. He’s doing everything he can to entice Iraq into a war they cannot win, while he allows North Korea, a country who would gladly go to war if given a reason, to build nuclear weapons. Of course I’m wrong in using the word allows, because the U.S. has no right to allow or disallow any country’s development, despite what the U.S. would lead us to think.

My favourite story of the last few weeks has been the recent claim made by a cult that believes Aliens created our present day human forms. A group of scientists claims to have made the world’s first human clone. I for one, am glad to hear that there has been more research into human genetics, after they finally mapped the human genome it seemed like everything halted. I guess that perception is due to a lack of coverage in the popular media.

Plenty to talk about and we’re only a couple days in. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Of course if it seems to encroach on my self made bubble of ignorance passed off as innocence I’ll have to retreat into my little corner and start whining about Friends again. Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen, and let’s hope that 2003 sees the dramatic end of the mullet.


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