Tuesday, January 28

Liar Liar

I wasn’t sure what I should post about today, and Seanie D suggested writing about something I watched on TV, or a movie review. I normally don’t watch much TV and I like almost any movie, so I picked a show that I have watched recently.

Joe Millionaire

Seanie D says it’s “brilliant TV”. I have to agree that as a concept it’s one of the better ones. But it just isn’t really my idea of great television, although I must admit I am enjoying the show.

I guess I just like the whole concept of basing a relationship on a lie. And not only basing it on a lie but on a lie of grand proportions. A $50 million lie.

If you’re not familiar with the show the basic premise is that the producers took an average Joe, a construction worker named Evan who makes about $19,000 US a year, cleaned him up, put him in a Chalet in Europe and told a bunch of girls that he recently inherited $50 million. Now that he’s rich, he’s looking for the perfect girl.

So they started out with 20 girls I think. He met them all in one night, danced with them, and then basically eliminated 8 of the girls, leaving....da dum da dummmm...12...yup my math is as good as it ever was.

The week after that he did some more stuff with the remaining girls and at the end of the show he eliminated another 7, taking the total to 32, I mean 5 girls.

They are now down to three. After two more rounds of eliminations.

All the while Evan has been getting closer to the women by dating them and courting them. But what really makes this show funny is the behind the scenes shots of all the girls acting all catty. Most of them bad mouth each other, and talk about what they’d do with his money. I guess they don’t know they’re always being monitored because they say things like; “I know he likes beer, and going to Hooters, but I can change that.” So either it’s a hidden camera, or they are just plain dumb, cause the whole premise is that it’s a TV show, thus he will see it all one day on TV. Silly bitches!

Another amusing aspect is that this Joe Millionaire guy is actually looking to try to find a girl who will “love him for who he is, rather than the money he doesn’t have”. Hey BONEHEAD! You’re lying to all of these women, saying you have $50 million, making them think you’re someone you’re not, and you think, that even if you find one that likes you because of who you are, that she will stick around after you say; “uh by the way, I’ve been lying to you since the day we met.” That doesn’t make much sense.

As Seanie D says, this guy’s best bet would be to try to get as much...action, as possible while these dumb gold-digging sluts are willing to give it up.

If you’re not watching this show, you should be. It’s a great social experiment, a way to see how women really are!


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