Friday, January 10

The Dating Game 2003...

If only I had a $5 haircut, a plastic looking smile, and a cheap ill-fitting suit, I could be a gameshow host. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the title of meddler.

A friend of mine has managed to land a cushy government job recently. She is a good looking single girl in her early twenties and she’s working in a large office where she doesn’t know anyone. I have a few friends in this office where she is working, and I know one of them is a single male in his early twenties.

So of course I decided to do the natural thing and send her an e-mail mentioning that I knew someone who could show her around. And after that, with the help of Seanie D, who also works in the office, I told my male friend that I had a single girl all lined up for him.

Now, like any young single guy who sights an opportunity, he started to get all flustered and embarrassed, he began asking me if I was serious when I told him I e-mailed her saying he would come over and show her around, then Seanie D says he got all red in the face.

My friend, we’ll call him, uh, Jeff, said he was kind of busy, then he claimed that he didn’t believe that I sent her the e-mail, basically he attempted to make all sorts of excuses to not go and meet this girl. So Seanie D and I have been trying our hardest to make him feel bad.

To make a long story even longer, the skinny of it all is that as of 11:32am, today Friday Jan 10, 2003 she hasn’t opened the e-mail, and Jeff is beginning to panic.

The thing that puzzles me is, why do some people become nervous when meeting another person of the opposite sex. I’ve never really been afraid of girls and I’ve never tried to avoid meeting someone who could become a new friend or possibly something more. I think my friend, Jeff, needs some encouragement. So if anyone who reads this has any advice on dating please feel free to post it, and help a dude out.


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