Wednesday, January 15

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I found this article while trying to catch up on the latest news on

N.Y. alert for Ont. terror threat
NEW YORK -- New York City police said they increased security around a John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal, a nearby gas station and a city clerk's office in the city's Queens borough after receiving a tip about a possible Canada-based terror threat.
The tip was unsubstantiated but merited a precautionary response, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said yesterday.
"The credibility of the source is unknown and not seen to be particularly high," he said.
The alleged plot was to be launched from the New York state capital Albany by terrorists who were to infiltrate the United States from Ontario, said an internal police memorandum. The terrorists were purported to be members of a group called Algerian Tahir bin Ammar al-Yusifi.

After some careful research and several translation sources, I found that the name of the organization - Algerian Tahir bin Ammar al-Yusifi - means - Stupid Gullible Warmongering Americans.

It’s just a thought but, maybe if the U.S. would keep their collective noses out of the affairs of other countries, regardless of how much oil they have to offer, the U.S. wouldn’t have to worry about every little anonymous tip.

Now those of you who know me, must realize that by now I’m trying to come up with some sort of plot to lead the American government on a wild goose chase. If anyone has any ideas of how to create a realistic sounding terrorist threat tip, and how to get it to some sort of U.S. agency without having to face any sort of consequences, please post them and we can plan this elaborate hoax together.


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