Tuesday, January 14


I’m currently working in the Collections branch for the Ontario Ministry of Finance. One of the Collectors here recently received a cheque from a company that owed the Ontario Government over $750,000. The odd part about it, is that the cheque was made out to the Collector rather than to the Minister of Finance. Now this particular Collector is very honest and will be following the appropriate steps to have the cheque transferred to the Government. I don’t know if I would do that. I’m living a fairly free lifestyle right now. If I were to get a large sum of money like that I would seriously consider taking the money and moving to a non-extradition country. Try to get myself lost in a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork like in some sort of John Grisham novel. It’s always nice to fantasize about what you’d do with a large amount of money. If it weren’t stolen money, and I could just invest it as I want, I would probably put it towards the funding of a Green Lantern movie. Or maybe research to create a real working Green Lantern ring. Whatever seemed more feasible. Of course it might be more fun to get a glass domed car like the Pope, or maybe try to initiate that slug-like slime transportation that Blamb suggested. Ah, the possibilities that are created when one has money are endless. What would you, my faithful and ever so lovely readers, do with a large sum of money? Let’s say, fifty million dollars. (Insert evil laugh here)


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