Wednesday, January 29

The Bush-mobile...

I didn’t watch the state of the union address last night, I missed it so I could go watch the film Darkness Falls. I’m not sure which one had more plot holes or bad acting. I’ve seen snipits of the speech and read the entire thing on Fablog. It sounded pretty interesting how Bush basically spewed bullshit for a couple hours to appease an economically destitute nation into believing that he was working in their best interests.

I found that his comments on AIDS, Medicare, Terrorism, Tax Relief and Iraq, among a variety of other subjects were over shadowed by his plans for the hydrogen powered car.

Wow, wouldn’t that be cool? Having a car that runs on hydrogen and oxygen with the only by product being water? It would eliminate the need for foreign power sources. This said while he’s planning on attacking Iraq to liberate them...of their OIL!

I’m sure everyone has their thoughts on President George Dubyah’s speach. But for a few of the funnier reactions visit Bushwatch and Skimble.

Maybe you can leave your thoughts as well.


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