Monday, January 27

Bad News

Hello readers. Unfortunately I've had somewhat of a set back with my multi-media page. I have been trying to create it using my roommates computer, which is a Mac. 'Nuff said right? Well, for those of you who don't know, well Macs are crap. Yes, I'm sure I'll be stoking the flames of rebellion in several hearts by making such a statement. But it's true. MacIntosh computers are junk. So, I will attempt to create my page on a PC as soon as one becomes available to me. I cannot use this one that I'm on now, because it's at work and they wouldn't be fond of me adding pictures and other files onto the already full hard drive. Also, if anyone has any inkling of how to add those little scroll bars on the top and side of a page in Dreamweaver, please feel free to e mail me that information. Thanks and have a nice day, don't forget to keep checking for new links and comments about them.


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