Saturday, December 21

Worst Blog Ever...

BLAMB has a link to some guy who is trying to find the crappiest blog out there, nominate mine so I can get some visitors. Blamb has as his, and I agree, it's horrible. Kind of like watching those scenes from Natural Born Killers where Mallory, Juliette Lewis, is being abused by Rodney Dangerfield, or when she's in those dirty hotel rooms with Mickey, Brett Lamb uh I mean Woody Harrelson. I don't really want to know about her "I'm-a-unique-Toronto-street-person-down-on-my-luck-struggling-artist-nympho-break-the-rules-don't-shower-for-the-shock-value" wannabe life. I've met hundreds of dorky middle class kids looking for some sympathy and attention from mom and dad and she's no different, but hey, she's got a blog and she's found a way to post pictures on it even though it's from blogspot.


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