Tuesday, December 17

Time to duck and cover under the desk!

The Toronto Star reports that the CSIS has arrested a man suspected of being part of Osama Bin Laden's terrorist regime. Mohammed Harkat was captured last week in Ottawa and is being detained under a section of Canada's immigration policy that allows immigrants to be deported if they are deemed to be a threat to national security. "His support for individuals and groups involved in political violence or terrorist activity, his alliances with Islamic extremists and his use of security techniques lead the CSIS to believe that Harkat is associated with organizations that support the use of political violence and terrorism,''
The Star also reports that Harkat was seen with another unidentified man taking pictures of the Parliment buildings and the Canadian Supreme court "possibly in preparation for an attack."
Now, I'm sure they have some reason to get rid of this guy. I mean first of all he's not white, and he isn't a god fearing Christian. Two stirkes right? And anyone taking pictures of one of Canada's largest tourist destinations must be a bad guy. Third strike.
But the most disturbing part of this report is that he was arrested because he was suspected of being associated with and active in, Islamic extremist groups, and political activists. I believe people are overreacting a little bit. Maybe if the United States would just keep it's gigantic national nose out of other people's business there wouldn't be any of these problems. Or maybe everything is just fine and they should continue to clear out everyone that doesn't fit their WASP mold. It would certainly get rid of the housing issue in our larger metropolitan centres. Hey, I wonder if Harkat will be sub-letting his cell, uh, apartment while he's being detained?


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