Saturday, December 21

The Sweater Blog...

I'm sure all of my readers...uh do I have any readers? Were wondering where I've been as of late. Well I'll tell you. I was enduring the most gruelling and horrifying form of torture known to man. Yes, I've been Christmas shopping. God I hate those malls. Thousands of rude people rushing in and out of stores looking for the best deal on a biege sweater that EVERY store is selling. Women trying to cut in front of you in line so they can get to the next store to buy another biege sweater for someone else. Pushy sales people trying to impress you with their extensive knowledge of that biege sweater. Next year I'm going to do all my shopping on-line. I'll get some of my friends one year memberships to porn sites, and I'll get everyone else a book or video from


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