Saturday, December 21


I've got a fascination with mullets, I'm sure everyone else that I know does too. There are many mullet web sites out there ranging from to I like mulletsgalore. They feature a mullet of the week section mullet hunt and a classification section. It's a veritable mullet encyclopedia. I would like people to share their mullet stories with me. My greatest encounter with a mullet was during a documentary we shot in College called "Fear the Mullet" We attended a Destroyer concert, they're a Kiss cover band for those of you that aren't up on your tight jeans trivia. We were interviewing fans with mullets as part of the documentary, we would ask them questions about the band, but then in the editing room we re-dubbed the questions as if we were asking about a mullet. For example we would ask the person with the mullet, "So why did you come here to see Destroyer?" the answer, "Oh, man, they're awesome, I love their look, and they are so real dude." So in the actual finished product it would come out like, "So what is up with that nappy ass mullet hair cut?" answer "Oh, man, they're awesome, I love their look, and they are so real dude." The documentary was pretty damn funny, but it was never completed, the director and editors were a couple of stoners that spent most of their time watching tv rather than doing their work. Some of the greatest mullets I've ever seen were at that concert, several Billy Ray Cirus styles, with a good three feet of plumage. We also saw a variety of rat tails, skullets and under cuts. What a time!


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