Friday, December 27

My little corner of the world.

I’m pretty sure that there are some terrible things going on in this world. Things ranging from the violation of human rights to senseless warmongering. I could probably try to keep up with current events, things like the death of a former Governor General or the imprisonment of Muslims in California. But despite my ignorance of global affairs I still feel an impending sense of dread. It’s in the atmosphere, it’s in the attitudes of the people in the malls, the people at bus stops or in the elevators. I can feel it in the wind and see it in the air. Like some giant cloud of doom hanging just out of view. Many attribute it to the media; dark movies, scary comic books, television and print news covering horrible events, or even hardcore rappers voicing their opinions about Cops and Hoes. Some people put the blame on George W’s attempts to start a war in Iraq despite Global disapproval. But I personally feel that it is due to a rumour about another season of Friends. Yes, that’s right, I was reading a post at that there is a possibility of one more season of that dreadful show. Woe is me, if they decide to continue that sitcom I do believe the Judgement of Earth foretold in the Bible will come to pass. But there shall be six horsemen rather than four, Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Chandler. Our doom is upon us. Can nothing stop this show? Survivor attempted to crush it with another form of banal entertainment, reality TV, but failed. Other offshoots of this new form made their attempts, Fear Factor, Big Brother, the Amazing Race, none of them succeeded. I now realize that only the free people of this earth can help change things, only we the people can alter this sick and twisted reality. So band together and stop this mindlessness, help destroy Friends once and for all. Change the channel, go to a movie, take a walk, buy a jigsaw puzzle, read a book, start a downtown riot! Whatever you do, don’t give them any reason to continue this farce any longer.


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