Friday, December 27

Early Resolutions

I know most of my posts could be described as shallow, flippant, or glib. I understand that I’m usually superficial and I lack any proper respect or seriousness towards serious or grave matters. My outlook on life is one that could be best described as crass. I take pleasure in ridiculing causes or events that others see as important. Sometimes my comments are rooted in ignorance, I tend to make brash statements because I don’t know enough about a particular subject to make an educated and thoughtful remark. Oftentimes I attempt to add an air of levity to otherwise drab subject matter. And, once in a while, rarely, I will make a serious, thoughtful observation in which I will try to voice my opinions and incite some debate. I will try to include one of these intellectually stimulating posts as often as I can. Lately the problem has been finding quality subject matter. War, human rights, free speech, reality television, and a slew of other topics have been widely covered in blogs much more established than mine. I will do my best to stay away from these topics, although there is bound to be some spill over. I hope my reader(s) will keep reading, and hopefully they will begin recommending this site to others. I would love to have a forum for my views.


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